What we are trying to do! ( A Manifesto of Narrative War-Gaming)

I am trying to form a group that is willing to play Warhammer Fantasy Battle not as a tournament game, but as a Narrative driven event.

What the players need to do:

1. We need to build a world. This world needs to have places of interest, and reasons for these places to exist.(And we must build these places in miniature!)

2. We need Characters- heroes & villains. These characters need more than the “stat-line”… they need a “Raison d’être“. (What do these characters do; what do they hate and, or love…ect.)

3. We need to have many different stories going on at the same time, and we must be willing to WRITE THEM DOWN.

4. We need to take pictures of the worlds & heroes we create.

5. We will combine the Written Stories & Pictures into a collection. Our aesthetic will be along the lines of  a “Pulp Fantasy Graphic Novel”. ( We are “R” rated. We are willing to Homage & Pastiche other fantasy authors & filmmakers, or other artists.)

6. We are no longer trying to “win” or ” harvest victory points”. We are more like a movie director than anything else. We would be willing to design a scenario- where you will lose badly- as long as it “Tells a Story” & is “Aesthetically Pleasing”.

7. Make the world ” Never Ending”!

  1. I like the concept. I look forward to participating.

  2. Oh look, a framework….

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