How are we going to develope “An adventure in Miniature”?

With any endeavor we will need a tad-bit of structure.

If you have an idea for a scenario, adventure or any other idea– post it as a “Scenario Prep”.  If we can get a few comments to adjust or tweak-it then all the better.

To break down the system:

1. Post a scenario idea.

2. Try and offer feed back to all “Scenario Prep” submissions, even if you do not, or can not actually play the scenario.

3. If the idea can get at least 2 other people to attempt to play it; then go ahead and play the game.

4. Play the game & move the written story with photos to ” Post Production”. If the body of work can get 2 yes votes–then move it to “The Story” category.

5. Tweak, edit & produce a polished “Comic Panel” to “The Story” category.


Please offer any concerns with this structure.

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An Adventure in Miniature


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An Adventure in Miniature

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