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Vermin Hunt

Episode 1.

It was raining again. It was always raining. At least it felt that way. This high up it was either raining or foggy, or both. Those few times the wind blew and the sun shone were gifts from Grungni. They were not to be wasted. So Much moisture with the stream so near breaking along the crevices dividing the peaks above the dwarven stronghold.

Only an hour of light left and rain to last the night meant no more hunting today. Might as well head back to the passage leading to the outer guard barracks. If the rain clears there’ll be hunting needin’ done.

Two days left. Two days sitting on  a mountainside waiting for the furry bastards to poke out thier disgusting noses. Watching for them come out nervously sniffing along while thier eyes dart everywhere looking for me. They had no choice, thier masters wouldn’t give them one. They needed the water just as much as we did. It was worse for them.  The endless numbers clawing, scratching and biting thier way to get just a sip to survive for one more day.

It’s not hard to figure out what happens to a skaven army without reliable water. At first it’s just the infighting,  the quiet stabbings and stranglings in the dark. After that it goes downhill pretty fast. Desertions and mutiny likely, but that wouldn’t be until after they’ve resorted to drinking the weakest.

How many days can it take? Two months…. and no end in sight.

It’s the damn rain. With week of clear weather  no skaven would dare poke a toe in that stream. The cover the fog gives is plenty for most of the mangy curs to get away with thier buckets sloshing and thrashing as they run back for the cover of the treeline.

The walk back takes forever. The damn rain. On top of a waterlogged hike halfway round the mountain the prospect of covering up mudhole bootprints well enough that the rain will wash them clean before the bastards came sniffing around was going to make it slow going. Once around the side of the mountain until the far peak could no longer be seen it was rockier and steeper. Tracks weren’t the concern after that.

To be continued…


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