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A sample of a finished panel

This is a sample, a prototype, of how I would like to see battle reports published.A sample of a finished panel


How are we going to develope “An adventure in Miniature”?

With any endeavor we will need a tad-bit of structure.

If you have an idea for a scenario, adventure or any other idea– post it as a “Scenario Prep”.  If we can get a few comments to adjust or tweak-it then all the better.

To break down the system:

1. Post a scenario idea.

2. Try and offer feed back to all “Scenario Prep” submissions, even if you do not, or can not actually play the scenario.

3. If the idea can get at least 2 other people to attempt to play it; then go ahead and play the game.

4. Play the game & move the written story with photos to ” Post Production”. If the body of work can get 2 yes votes–then move it to “The Story” category.

5. Tweak, edit & produce a polished “Comic Panel” to “The Story” category.


Please offer any concerns with this structure.

What we are trying to do! ( A Manifesto of Narrative War-Gaming)

I am trying to form a group that is willing to play Warhammer Fantasy Battle not as a tournament game, but as a Narrative driven event.

What the players need to do:

1. We need to build a world. This world needs to have places of interest, and reasons for these places to exist.(And we must build these places in miniature!)

2. We need Characters- heroes & villains. These characters need more than the “stat-line”… they need a “Raison d’être“. (What do these characters do; what do they hate and, or love…ect.)

3. We need to have many different stories going on at the same time, and we must be willing to WRITE THEM DOWN.

4. We need to take pictures of the worlds & heroes we create.

5. We will combine the Written Stories & Pictures into a collection. Our aesthetic will be along the lines of  a “Pulp Fantasy Graphic Novel”. ( We are “R” rated. We are willing to Homage & Pastiche other fantasy authors & filmmakers, or other artists.)

6. We are no longer trying to “win” or ” harvest victory points”. We are more like a movie director than anything else. We would be willing to design a scenario- where you will lose badly- as long as it “Tells a Story” & is “Aesthetically Pleasing”.

7. Make the world ” Never Ending”!

What is wrong with Warhammer 8th edition?

There and back again…..

About 27 years ago I made an adventure, across town-on my bicycle, to the local and now defunct Hobby Center to purchase Warhammer Fantasy Battle 3rd Edition. From that day forward I was no longer a role-play enthusiast- I was a role-play-war-game player. For a short while I enjoyed the miniature war-game as an extension of my D&D, and other role-play game origins. I would build adventures, worlds & heroes from my raw imagination. It was fun and creative, but it all changed.

The game of Warhammer gradually shifted away from creation of narrative and story. The game drove sales under the heels of competition. Tournaments and competition were the elements that stole from this hobby- and it stole creativity and morphed the game into some ugly back-alley crap game. Tournament style games crushed the life out any campaigns, narrative games, and even painting and hobby. No longer do the players savor a manicured table-top battlefield, nor do many players build their own terrain or thematic battles. Most of the younger players can only view the game from the perspective of tournament wins. Victory alone can not sate juggernaut of Tournament Hammer…Long gone are the days of High Adventure….

On this blog I want to create fantasy worlds with a glint of genius & artist, and the passion of the youthful days when this was all new.

I intend on offering the world, my world… An Adventure in Miniature.


An Adventure in Miniature


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An Adventure in Miniature

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