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I’m gonna try to knock out some more pages of this, I’ll just add on to it as I get ’em done.


The long blades of grass reached up into the night and grabbed the mist pulling it down, making the cool of the plains seem heavy. Clouds crept in front of the moon ensuring that the darkness penetrated the entire plain all the way to the forest on the far end.

Neth looked out over the wide open plain from the mountains edge knowing his salvation lay on the other side. His clothes were soaked from both sweat and the night mist. The shackles on his wrists were heavy, but at least they were quieted by the scraps of cloth he had torn from his shirt and tightly wrapped around them. The baying of the wolves at his back was a constant reminder of how quickly he needed to move. He had little time to get word to the forward scouts, and the information he carried would be a warning that the spell-weavers could not ignore.

After a cleansing breath and a silent prayer Neth began his run towards the forest. He was tired and hungry after three days in the orc camp waiting for death at the hands of either the ram-shackle squig fighting pit or a hungry troll that might happen by the cages. The sixty yards might as well have been sixty miles, and he felt that he was exposed the second he started. His heart pounded with every step, almost in time with his feet.

As he approached within ten yards of the safety of the woods he caught a glimmer of one of the small light stones that the waywatchers were known to carry. He was meant to see it. Waywatchers would never have allowed themselves to be known if they didn’t want to, especially concealed in the forest canopy.

Almost simultaneously he heard the braying of the goblin wolf rider horns and the loud squeals of the riders. He knew they had seen him, his only hope was the protection of the archers he ran towards now.

He broke the first boughs of the smaller trees lining the woods and saw a glimmer of steel. A short sword stuck in the ground directly in his path. Without breaking stride he grabbed the weapon, immediately calculated its weight, gave it a quick flip to test the speed, and ran deeper into the forest. Wolf riders were entering the forest edge, he could hear them crashing through like a green and gray wave. The air started to hiss all around him. The yelps of wolves and the death cries of goblins told him that this waywatcher force was not large enough to hold back the assault of fast moving wolves. He counted eight kill shots just from sound, but he knew the cavalry force to number much higher, at least based on his recollection from the camp.

Neth bounded over a fallen tree and rolled to his feet. Behind him, close enough to hear it’s breath was a wolf rider. He listened as closely as he could as he ran for the sharp inhale that would signify the wolf leaping at him. He heard exactly what he wanted, and dropped to his knees as he spun to face his attacker. A swat of the short sword knocked the goblins spear to the side, and with a fluid motion he sliced the underside of the wolf as it flew overhead. The pile of blood and fur slid to a halt directly in Neth’s former path. The goblin jumped from the corpse of his mount and pulled two rusty, wicked looking scimitars. Neth’s sword was firmly embedded in the quivering mass of wolf directly on the other side of the goblin. Left with little choice Neth scrambled to his feet to continue his flight for the deeper woods.

The goblin howled in rage. Its yellow teeth were too large for its head and its red eyes screamed nearly as loudly as its voice. The goblin began to charge but took only one step before and arrow found its way through the roof of his open mouth. The shattered stone tip protruding from the top of its head, it fell over dead.

Neth traced the flight path of the arrow back to where it could only have come from to see a kinsman that could only be see with elven eyes. He appeared to be a part of the tree he was hidden against.

“Up. If you want to live to see daylight.”

The words were spoken so softly they were almost implied.

As if on cue a thin line fell from the tree tops off to Neths left side. He grabbed tightly and began his ascent. He could still hear the confused yells of the goblins fumbling through the forest, and the yelps of their mounts. A cursory glance over his should showed him his kinsman scrambling back up the tree he had been pressed against with such speed it looked as if he were running over open ground. Neth knew he lacked the strength to climb fast enough to get into the safety of the treetops. As soon as the thought entered his mind he felt a tug on the line as it began to move upwards.

A hand pierced the upper greenery from above Neth’s head. He grabbed it and was pulled upwards with surprising speed to stand on a wide, sturdy limb forty feet above the ground.

“We don’t have the numbers to hold them off.” Neth said as soon as his feet were underneath him, without even acknowledging his rescuer.

“That may be, but we do have a surprise for them. Lucky for you that we’ve been tracking this warband for a few days now.”

Neth looked up to see the angular face and strange animalistic features of one of the oft whispered alter kins. His arms and legs seemed longer than normal, or was it a trick of the light? His chest seemed more massive, yet still lithe as an elf youth. He wore next to nothing by way of armor, but was adorned with strange trinkets and fetishes.


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Finished this blast from the past up finally

Who the hell wants to play some silly shit!?!?

So I had a goofy ass idea for a game the other day. 3K points, normal army lists as far as percentages, the twist would be that you can take any character/ unit from any book. So I could take say, swordmasters and a unit of leadbelchers for special choices. Fill up core with some zombies and skaven slaves, and grab a slann caster with a Grimgore Ironhide general. Just for a truly goofy ass time, lets make it a storm of magic game too. Would anyone have any interest in something like this?

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